Find your sexy pace

What would Valentine’s Day be without a suitable blog to go with it.

And so here it is. It won’t be long, we have more important valentiney things to be getting on with (changing nappies, story reading, bed times that kind of thing).

Sexy Pace

Yea, that’s the topic we ALL wanna talk about on valentines. What happens when you run at sexy pace.

Firstly, for those not au fait with the term, sexy pace means to be running at a slower pace or “sexy pace” - a pace that doesn’t exhaust you.

It’s that simple.

You should be able to chat more easily, not be so out of breath and enjoying your environment more than when you’re huffing and puffing and cussing and blinding.

And today, on this international day of love, I ran at sexy pace. I ran on the southdowns playground that is our backyard. I ran past horses, around cows and through some sheep. I watched the sunshine glistening on the delightful looking sea in the distance.

I could smell the cow patty that I just firmly planted my foot within.

My point is two fold.

Firstly, running slower can actually help you to run faster in the long term (not every run should be sexy pace however!) as you build up strength and cardio fitness over longer distances.

Firstly.5 as you slow your pace down, you’ll realise you can run longer!

Secondly, you take in the environment around you. If the sun is shining you’ll feel it on your face. You’ll hear the wildlife around you. The birds singing. The cows cowing and if you run on the roads, the cars coming.

Get out there this week pals. Find your sexy pace. Tell us what you discover.

Matt Coyne