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About us?

We run, we jog, we walk, we volunteer, we cheer. We encourage anyone we see out running to do the same. Join our Facebook community to be part of the action.

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It’s all fun

It doesn’t matter if you have run 100 ultramarathons or you are aiming for your first 5km, everyone that takes part online or at any one of the hundreds of events we attend every year, gets stuck in and has some fun.


What’s Next for You?

We have everyone in our group. From GB athletes to buggy running co-pilots. If you’re not sure where to start or have questions about how to progress your running, you have come to the right page. Join our Facebook community and the RunPals will be quick to help support you in your darkest running desires. Occasionally, we may even encourage you to buy a new pair of shoes ;-)


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We never spam you or share your data with anyone. We normally send a once a month email and then any important info if it comes up, like event offers.