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RunPals RunSwap

How much spare, old or still in wrapper event t-shirts do you have lying around your house? Go on, be honest? One? Two? Likelihood is it’s many many more.

We’ve seen a number of running groups around the country organise running clothes swaps, so that if you no longer need an item of running clothing, you can reuse and recycle it so someone else can benefit from maybe your old cast offs or even your brand new cast offs (anyone got an event t-shirt they’ve never worn??).

To help create a more sustainable approach to running, we’re excited to launch our RunSwap!

As runners, we often work our way through run related clothing far earlier than is necessary. Do you really need a new vest EVERY spring? Maybe you do! But what about the one that gets cast off to the back of your cupboard? If you take a look, just over there, in the back of your wardrobe, drawer or kit bag, we’re sure you’ll see something there you don’t need anymore. See anything? Yep… bring it along to our RunSwap.

So, how does it work?

It’s all free.

Simply add your old, used or still wrapped, unwanted running gear to our RunSwap box. If you need to take something too, that’s fine! Leave what you want, take what you need.

We ask you to be sensible. Don’t take everything home with you, this is about helping create a sustainable running culture in our community, so take only what you need, not what you want.

I doesn’t have to be just unwanted kit too. Maybe you have kit that no longer fits, or you’ve run so much that it’s too big for you now? Bring that long as well!

What about the old old stuff?

We don’t want to be a dumping ground for your old garments, full of sweat stained holes… The clothing / kit needs to be in a usable state that you yourself would be happy to wear. No disgusting stained tops please - we don’t want to end up being a landfill project!

But, of course, we’re going to be left with some kit that may be unusable by the next person. We are in talks with local community sewing groups to see if they can help recycle the clothing into either new running gear or other awesome creations that can then be sold to benefit local community groups. RunPals ethos is all about supporting our local communities and this will help support people to get into sport and running.

Where can I find the RunSwap?

We’ll be at parkrun where you can find our RunSwap box. Feel free to drop your usable clothes (cleaned please) in the box and if you want to take something from that too - you can. We’ll then be moving on shortly after we finish parkrun each Saturday morning, between 9.30-10.

We’ll be at various parkruns across Sussex and will update our schedule for September soon! If you organise a club, you could collect gear from your club, and we’ll pick it up when at your next local Sussex parkrun. Get in touch with the RunPals team and we’ll help get you all set up! Email us here

Saturday 23 August, we’ll be at HoveProm parkrun

What can I put in the box?

As we’re starting out, we’re asking for clothing only please, so things like shorts, vets, t shirts but also things like calfguards if you have them. We’re not accepting shoes at this stage, but hope to very soon!