Be active every day this June!

As summer is approaching and we continue to carry on building stregnth and conditioning to a lot of our training, lets mix it up a bit and BE ACTIVE EVERY DAY this June!

Don’t think that you have to run 5km every day. Or bust a marathon out over the next 30 days. This is personal to you. The goal is to push yourself, but, to try new things as well.

Newness, keeps us going. New routes. New routines. New activities. They help keep the mind fresh and active and you will find yourself getting more excited to try new things and encourage you to get out there and get it done. With summer around the corner, it will also help to keep you motivated and active in the lead up to our wonderfully long summer days.

What sort of things can you try? We’re going to help to encourage you with new ideas every week, but here’s some thoughts on what you can do…

Running, obviously. But what about…

Walking, Jog, Yoga, Cycling, Spin class, Strength sessions, Swimming, Gym time, Karate, Sky diving? Hmmm, Walks with friends or family or on your lunchbreak, parkrun, Junior parkrun, Tennis, Dancing, Buggy running… The list goes on….

There is a myriad of activities to choose from.

Let’s get active

So, this June, get active. We’ve made a simple calendar that you can download (colour or black and white versions). Stick it to your desk, wall or put it up on your fridge. Give yourself a MASSIVE tick when you’ve been active that day (write down what you did too) and share your progress!

The pals are always there to help encourage you when you need it most, so share share share your progress.

If you’re on Twitter on Instagram also tag #runpals or @therunpals so we can spread the RunPals love far and wide!

RunPals Active EVery Day of June.jpg

Download your calendar

Colour version here

Black and white version here.