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We’re running to Italy!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a distance challenge…and boy have we got a treat lined up for you this September.

RunPals Italy Challenge Map.jpg

We’re going to create teams again and because so many of you love the 530 run, we thought, what better place to run to, than the starting point of 530 runs in Italy! That’s right, we’re running to Modena, Italy, where the 530 run began 10 years ago!

It works out at roughly 780 miles or 1,255 kilometres. Based on our last big group challenges, we should cover the distance in no time.

How does it work?

For those not used to the RunPals challenges, it’s actually pretty simple.  We ask people to register to enter the challenge. Once everyone is registered, we create a suitable number of teams to achieve the distance over the month of September.

In your team, you input your individual distances after every run you do and it automatically adds to a league table, so you can see how your team is performing. So don’t think that you have to run 1,255 kilometres yourself – it’s a team challenge!

It really is that simple. Oh, and it’s TOTALLY FREE!  We just care about encouraging people to get out and go running. Push yourselves a little bit harder. Work as a team to strategise when you’re running, or to encourage your team mates along the extra mile. And there will be banter…that parts a given!

Oh…and there’s BLING!

WHAT?? Yea, you heard us, there’s bling on offer.

We know you lot love your bling, so why not get some Italian gold (it’s not gold, or Italian) bling to hang on your medal cabinet / dinning room chair / around your neck! Whilst signing up for the challenge is completely free of charge, if you want to own some RunPals bling, you can pay for it and any profits we make from the medals (after costs) the winning team will get to choose a charity to donate too.

Medals will be given out in October to anyone that’s signed up and taken part (and paid of course).

Running, bling, charity? How could you not want to get involved?

And we need to reiterate. You do not have to buy the bling to enter. It is totally free of charge and you are under NO pressure to buy the medal.

If you would like bling, we will be putting the shop live as soon as we have confirmed designs back (it may be mid august). We’ll share the link as soon as it’s available. Note that you will only receive bling, if you pay for bling.

What do you need to do?

We need you to register for the event here. The event is ENTIRELY FREE to enter.

There is NO pressure to pay for a medal if you don’t want to. You just won’t get a shiny medal at the end of it!

Register your name, email address and a few address details (if you’re paying) as well as your predicted monthly distance in kilometres that you wish to achieve in September.  If, for example, you normally run 20km, challenge yourself put 40! If you normally run 100km…push yourself a bit further and go for 120! If you’re only just starting out and not sure how far you can go, maybe put 20km down. It’s only four parkruns in one month!  

Once we have everyone registered (cut off Weds 28th August!) we will allocate teams based on the total average distance of groups of teams, so that we start on a level playing field. So, it’s important to try to be as accurate as possible with your predicted mileage. Of course, go out there and smash some more…but pretty please be accurate. It makes the whole thing a bit more fair if you do so.

We will then pick teams at the end of August, in time for that first run on Sunday the 1st of September!

Who can enter?

ANYONE. Literally, any age, any ability. RunPals adults and kids!

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how experienced you are or how new you are. You can take part. Kids, teens, adults, oldies – everyone is welcome!  

For our friends in wheelchairs or other ability devices, you can enter too! Just make sure, as with everyone else, it’s a dedicated activity.

Do I need to be a RunPal to take part?

Of course not. Literally anyone, from anywhere in the world can have some fun with us on this monthly challenge!

What about buggies?

If you’ve run with a buggy, add your own distance. Although maybe more challenging than non-buggy running, no extra points in this distance challenge.

What constitutes a run?

Runners, joggers and the occasional walker always take part in our RunPals challenges. Just like our group sessions, no one is left behind, of any ability. All we ask is that it’s a dedicated activity. That doesn’t mean walking around the shops, walking to your normal bus stop, or running around playing football. No, this has to be a dedicated walk, jog or run.

For our friends in wheelchairs or other ability devices, you can enter too! Just make sure, as with everyone else, it’s a dedicated activity.

Have we said it needs to be a dedicated activity yet? Yes, it does.

How do I log my activity?

Each team will have a simple form, you enter your name and distance and hey presto, your teams totals magically add up.

How will you see who’s winning?

Once live with the challenge, we will update this page with a league table. Watch this space!

No cheating!

One day, we’ll integrate fully with the likes of Garmin and Strava, but in the meantime, this challenge is built on trust. If we think someone is pulling a fast one and running 100km today, we will be able to see on your own strava or garmin (and other fitness trackers) activity. So don’t cheat… it will spoil it for everyone else!

Got any other questions? Head over to our facebook group page and ask away!