530 Run Verona

We here at RunPals absolutely love the 530 Run.

It’s not just the run that makes it so special. The event promotes the love of getting outdoors, being healthy and having fun with your pals. It also just so happens to be at 5.30am. 

A number of our pals went touring to the Verona 530 Run, so we caught up with them to see why they liked it so much.  We spoke to Allison, Gemma and Kelly to get their take on the event.

The first one is simple, with literally 1000’s of events to choose from, and Verona being a long way to go for run... why did you choose that one to tour to?

Allison We enjoyed the 530 run in Brighton so much that we wanted to do one of the Italian ones.

We researched the Italian cities that we had not been to and the one that stood out was Verona – the city of Romeo and Juliet. One hour away from Venice or Lake Garda. It’s own mini Colesseum, the list of attractions is long. 

Also, doing the first 530 and the last one seemed to be a cool thing to do and now we can work our way through all the others

Gem We really fancied going to Italy and had booked leave on the week of the run! We were meant to be staying in Trento with a friend of Andrews but it it didn’t work out so we decided to stay in Verona and explore the city and book the run whilst we were there! 

The added bonus was that other pals were meeting us out there for the run 💙💛

Kelly With other pals already booked for a mini RunPals tour, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun and decided I had to go along for the ride (or run)! What a beautiful city to go to as well! 

RunPals flying the flag in Verona!

RunPals flying the flag in Verona!

What did you like about the run? 

The organisers are so lovely, they love our crazy leggings and make us feel special - the actual run was set in the centre of town in the most beautiful location and was so lovely. 

What love that it’s not a race. You can run, jog or walk! It’s definitely not a race. There is no timer. No pressure. It’s just fun!!

But, you also couldn’t miss how beautiful the views were or the fact that we were part of 2,400 people all making our way around the streets of Verona at 5.30am! 


What was the atmosphere like? 

With over 2,400 people all up early, crazy happy to be running or walking through the city without any cars in the way - there was a real buzz in the air and it was just really happy! You can’t not feel good about yourself when everyone else around you is loving life at 5.30am!

The amount of people at the Italian runs is immense, however the 530 team treated us like long lost friends amongst the huge crowds. It really feels like an extended family.

Why do you think events like the 530 are so good? 

Getting people to run or walk at a time they probably wouldn’t normally (definitely in some of our cases) is so amazing.

It feels like the middle of the night when you wake up, but once you’ve finished the run, it feels quite exhilarating. 

Running at this time of day in a city is peaceful and taking in the scenery at dawn is stunning!  You see the city in a whole new light, something we love about running our local streets of Brighton too.

The events are very well organised and the fact you can join in on an “official” event before work, it makes you fresh and ready to start the day! Plus you get a healthy breakie 🙌🏻 The cherries are always delicious. 

What would you say to someone sat on the fence about joining the 530 Run in Brighton? 

Set your alarm and join us. If I can get up early anyone can! It’s just one day and a chance to see our city in a different light (literally)!

The Brighton run is much smaller and closer and running with a big group of pals at that mad time of the morning is an unusual thing so you remember it more.

Just do it! Run early in the morning with an awesome bunch of people and you still have the rest of the day ahead of you 🏃‍♀️

It makes you feel alive! Come Join Us! 

Anything else?

Milan next year.... you coming? 

You can join in the fun at the Brighton 5.30 Run here on Friday 19th July! Just add RunPals as your club when you sign up! 

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