Age is no barrier

Age is a funny thing. 

People get worried about it. Getting older means slowing down. Not doing as much as they used to. Age limits you...

I call complete and utter bullcrap on that one. 

Well, of course age affects ability. Of course it affects your joints, your heart, and your head. Of course falling over on hard concrete hurts more now than when you were 5 years old. 

But my point is, you are only as old as you feel. Or is that, you’re only as young as you think?

Take my dad for example. He’s 94, but in his head, he’s still the 70 year old that could climb ladders, play tennis 3 times a week and generally get himself into all types of mischief. He still believes he can. I admire his determination to prove us all wrong!

Me? I’m encroaching on 40 and I don’t really care. I’ve never really been one to worry about how old I am. I tend to take each day as it comes. Yea, my knees are definitely getting worse as I get older, but hopefully, I’m also getting a little bit wiser and have learned to look after them better than I used too. My only frustration is, that I wished I had used that knowledge better when I was younger. 

If I do start to lose my strength, not all is lost. I will perhaps become weaker as I get older, I’m ok with that. But, I will race smarter. I will have experience in my side. 

In reality, I’m the fittest I’ve been since I was 21ish. In the last 4 years, I’ve completed more triathlons than I have toes. More running races than I have fingers. I have more finisher medals on my wall than I collected at any other moment in my life. I ran a half marathon the other night, without even thinking about it, just for fun. Just because I could.

A friend jokingly said I was pushing up close to the 40+age group. I am. He was right. I know he too was joking, because I don’t know many fitter 40 year olds than himself. He’s young at heart too.

So age, it’s not really a barrier is it? 

It’s all in your head. 

Well.... that’s not entirely true. 

Yes, joints can hurt more. Yes your ticker may not be as strong as it used to. We are not invincible. We are not indestructible. We do have to look after ourselves more and better. We may not learn every new technique we are shown (and you don’t have to!).

However, studies show that one reaches peak endurance hits at 35 years old. I’m only a tiny bit north if that.

My point is, age is no barrier. It’s only as limiting as you make it. Stop saying “no I can’t” and start saying “yes I can”. You may surprise yourself.

As I get older, my only dream is that I continue to inspire my next generation, my family, to continue to be as fit and healthy as possible, so they can embrace life to the full.

As long as there is air in my lungs, I’m going to make damn well sure I use it. 

Matt CoyneComment