Can you do this?

We’ve seen some incredibly inspiring stories shared from many of you. Some of you battling your own addictions or mental and physical health. Some of you doing great things for charity. But, you’ve come to our community to share your story and get supported by everyone and that is amazing.

A lot of people ask why we do this group and why we do this for free. I ask them to look at our Facebook page. I ask them to scroll through the posts and comments. I ask them to see how amazing the coming together of a completely random network of people has become.

How could you not be inspired to try your best. To be your best. When you’re part of such an epic group?

Our parkrun marathon was testament to that. I got to run with a lot of you that I don’t normally run wjth over the course of 12 hours of that day. You were all there to support us in what some might say is the most ridiculous thing we’ve attempted yet.

But you lot were there - online and face to face helping to encourage us on. That day was everything there is to know about RunPals:

  • Doing it at your own pace

  • The amazing support squad

  • The families, young and old coming out to share the love

  • The epic friendships made stronger

  • The encouragement to keep going and try our fricken best

The list goes on right?

So this Sunday....

Some of you will be getting pretty nervous. It might be the longest or biggest run you’ve ever done. But ya know what? We’ve all been there.

I couldn’t run 1km 4/5 years ago without having a break. I HATED running. But I got through it. I never imagined I’d have clocked up over 4,000km since nor having started a run group! Ridiculous right? But I did it. We did it.

And on to my good pal Jon. For all his knowledge and wisdom that he shares, of which we’re incredibly grateful, he too had his first race once. Don’t think he doesn’t get nervous just because “he’s been doing this for a few years” Have you ever heard of his toilet routine before a race? But seriously, he trains incredibly hard and follows a diary to perform at his peak. Me? I train when work and family allow.

It’s normal to be nervous. Embrace it. Butterflies make you fly right?

My point is, we all run for different reasons and we all train or run differently, but 10k is 10k. Or 26.2 miles is the same if it takes you three hours or 23 hours. It doesn’t matter how fast you run it. It matters that you run it how you want to.


You’ve all worked really hard to get to where you are today. Know that every single step of the way, the pals will be behind you, helping encourage you to get it done.

I can’t do it

At some stage, you might get the “I can’t” monster popping into your head. But it’s only a voice. Of course you can. Tell that monster to do one. Think of all the amazing things you’ve achieved in your life just to make it here.

Turn the positive. Kick the I can’t monsters ass. And if that doesn’t work, catch up to the person in front of you and kick their ass - no don’t do that - you may get arrested. My second point is; unless you’re physically injured, it’s all in your mind. You CAN do this. You will do this.

I don’t know what your dream is - finishing time, distance or just finishing it.

But, know that it is possible.

Run towards your dream.

Say yes to your dream.

Say I CAN do this.

You have the power to get this done.

But, and it’s a big but, Be happy.

If you can’t be happy, what else is there?

Enjoy your moment pals.

You are capable of amazing things.

Matt CoyneComment