Brighton Marathon Weekend

Ok, so I found some words following th Brighton Marathon Weekend ...prose seems to be a theme at the moment so here goes...

The smiles

The miles

The sun

The shine

You pals inspire me Every. Single. Time. 

You smiled the widest smiles. 

You ran the longest miles.

Your faces were beaming

As the crowd started screaming

You made it over the line

You finished in your own time

It’s amazing to think, you’re all mine*

You ran

You cheer

You volunteer

Did you try the non alcoholic beer? 

I squealed inside at hearing the start gun

Today, I literally had SO. MUCH. FUN.

I am so proud to call you my pals

Every single one of you boys and gals. 

It would be scandalous 

If you lot weren’t just so wonderfabulous. 

Thank you pals. Another epic epic day. 

I must go now, to hit the hay. 

I will see you all soon

On the other side of the moon.

For now I must sleep.

And rest my achy feet. 

*just to be clear, I don’t own you 😂 But you are a part of an epic group. 😍




Brighton Marathon Weekend

Brighton Marathon Weekend

Matt Coyne