Pals mean Points

We call ourselves RunPals right? So, this months challenge is about running with pals, obviously ;) 

It’s a simple point scoring scoreboard kind of month. Anyone can win! It doesn’t matter how far you go or how many miles you run, what matters is running with pals. Helping encourage others to get out and run (and join us!). And running socially wjth the pals.

  • 1 point for a solo run

  • 2 points for a pair run

  • 3 points for a group run (3 people+)

  • 4 points for joining a Runpals training session

Thems the rules

Pal or group points

  • You can only score once per run. For example, joining a RunPals session means you can only score 4 points for that run.

  • You only score points if you go on a dedicated run with a pal and you start and finish together

  • Only score a point at an event if you run with pal for the duration of the event

  • Group points don’t count for turning up at say parkrun or an event and you just so happen to be running with 4 people of the same pace-you need to run a dedicated group run or run with a group of people, for example, 3 of you running together at parkrun

  • Example - Matt runs with Jon for a 10k trail run = 2 points. Or Matt runs with Jon together at parkrun where they start together and finish near enough together, they score 2 points each

The winner

Who gets the most points